BONCOLAC - Pâtisserie Catering 2023

35 SURPRISE BREAD 6 cereals • Smoked salmon on lemon butter. • Serrano ham and butter. • Goat cheese, tomato with herbs and arugula. • Goose rillettes with hazelnuts. • Fresh cheese, fig and nuts 3697 ø 20 cm 1 100 g/SU 2 SU/package/50 pieces/SU 36h in the refrigerator 18 months With shell! The original! Oatmeal, wheat, millet, corn, barley and rye bread SURPRISE BREAD Mediterranean • Parma ham on garlic and basil butter. • Marinated tomatoes preparation, basil and sheep cheese. • Spicy provolone, fresh arugula and almond chips. • Eggplant, parmesan and almond chips delight. • Tuna rillettes, black olive and candied lemon. 6049 ø 15,5 cm 920 g/UV 2 UV/package/50 sandwiches/UV 24h in the refrigerator 18 months Top crust sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and thyme Ciabatta bread with olive oil and basil SAVOURY PRODUCTS SURPRISE BREADS THE PANACHÉES SURPRISE BREAD BREAD LAYERS “Toutes en couleurs” Yellow (with carrot concentrate), purple (with carrot and hibiscus conce trate), green (spinach), red (tomato). 4198 Approx. 30 x 40 cm 1 250 g 1 SU/package 20 layers/SU 18 months BREAD LAYERS “Toutes en classique” Tomato, farmhouse, cocoa and malt, cereals. 4082 Approx. 30 x 40 cm 1 250 g 1 SU/package 20 layers/SU 18 months