BONCOLAC - Pâtisserie Catering 2023

36 COLD BITES Inventive recipes for refined cocktail bites with essential and popular flavors. An offer that will adapt to your needs: from ready-to-serve platters to readyto-serve assortments according to your desires! Colorful and fun COLD BITES Mini wraps « tout en couleurs » • Goat cheese and vegetables / tomato tortilla. • Pastrami and cream of mustard / plain tortilla. • Chicken, peppers and curry cream / tomato tortilla. • Smoked salmon and cheese cream / plain tortilla. 5784 48 mini wraps 635 g/UV 1 UV/box - 4 recipes 4h in the refrigerator 18 months 5053 45 mini-skewers in bag (1 bag / variety) 575 g/SU 1 SU/package 4h in the refrigerator 18 months COLD BITES Appetizer skewers • Kalamon black olive skewers, mozzarella with basil and pistachio, marinated tomato. • Serrano ham skewers, goat cheese with cranberries and pistachio, marinated pineapple. • Soft fig skewers, Comté roll and marinated tomato. Original and fun!