BONCOLAC - Pâtisserie Catering 2023

Organic apple TART Tarte aux pommes bio / Bio Apfeltarte / Tarta de manzana orgánica 3741 Pre-cut x12 27 cm 850 g/SU 6 SU/case 10 min 180°C 4h30 2h30 at room temperature 24 months Organic chocolate MUD CAKE Fondant au chocolat bio / Bio Schokoladenfondant / Fondant de chocolate orgánico 3748 Pre-cut x12 27 cm 900 g/SU 8 SU/case 5 min 180°C 3 min 3h 1h at room temperature 18 months Organic Lemon TART Tarte au citron bio/ Bio Zitronentarte / Tarta de limon organica 6723 Precut X 10 27 cm 750 g/SU 8 SU/case 3h 1h30 / 2h at room temperature 24 months Natural, healthy and sustainable: widen your frozen range with these organic desserts and offer the best to your customers. As a booming trend with constant sale increases, organic food is a real growth driver. 100% fruit filling Made with 70% cocoa chocolate Tangy lemon filling ORGANIC DESSERTS Desserts bio / Bio Kuchen / Postres orgánicos EGGS FREERANGE NEW 16