BONCOLAC - Pâtisserie Catering 2023

HOT BITES With their original touch and indulgence, these ready-toheat bites will go perfectly with your savoury cocktails. 38 HOT BITES “Aperitif ” tacos • Chicken, zucchini and mozzarella / tomato tortilla. • Beef, peppers and cheddar / spinach tortilla. • Guacamole, corn, red bean and emmental / flaxseed tortillla. 6253 4 packings of 9 bites 520 g/UV 1 UV/package 12 min 160 ° C 18 month Packaging suitable for oven HOT BITES Comté and white summer truffle mini Croque-Monsieur Two slices of olive oil bread, garni hed with Comté PDO* cheese and pieces of white summer truffle. *Protected designation of origin 6509 4 strips of 8 bites 265 g/UV 1 UV/package 9-10 min 200°C 18 months A chic version of the traditional French Croque-Monsieur